Sapphire Point: A perfect gem in the mountains to showcase John & Carly!

A Little About John & Carly

These two came to me through a previous favorite bride named Mariah! Carly and Mariah are best friends, and I had to laugh because when Carly and I did our video chat about the AAP wedding process, she found herself on my website in a bridal party photo of Mariah’s there. She and John met met through volleyball, and at first she turned him down. Well, he’s a persistent guy, and when they ended up in the same city in Texas, and she had turned him down THREE MORE TIMES, he still kept at it…and got what he was looking for. 😉 I always want to give an extra high five to men like John who hang in there. You go, John! One story that is fun about them. They are very similar in a lot of ways. When Carly was going to meet some of John’s family members, he picked her up from the airport and they had unknowingly dressed the same and showed up twinning to meet his family.

A Little About Their Engagement

John rented a tiny house to propose to Carly, because she loves that sort of stuff. He built a fire in the fire pit, and with just the two of them, asked her to marry him! These two are currently living in Texas, but knew they wanted the winter peaks for their engagement session. They showed up to their session ready to rumble no matter the temperature and enjoyed all the beauty around us. #MyTypeofPeople. They both love the snow, and hopefully will get to live in a state that has it again in the future.

John & Carly, I can’t wait to photograph your special day in May…thanks for picking me!!

All Rights Reserved, Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, LLC 2021

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