The Historic Pinecrest Chapel for John and Lauren: A Rustic Beauty in the Mountains

A Little About John & Lauren

John & Lauren met while they were both attending college through a bible study called Navigators. They hit it off, and by the time John left for the Airforce Academy they were committed to the commute to see each other. 😉 Lauren’s family ranches, and when it came time for John to propose, he took her on a hike to a special spring and pulled out….a pipe cleaner! Shaped like a ring. John had been talking rings for awhile trying to get her input, and she always said, “if you propose with a piece of string I’ll say yes.” So the pipe cleaner was a little easier to keep in shape than string. That pipe cleaner was NOT the actual ring, and lauren’s ring is beautiful as you will see.

A Little About Their Day

John & Lauren had originally set their wedding for April, 2020. Well, we all know what 2020 looked like, don’t we? They had to reschedule their wedding celebration…but chose to still get married before John received his airfare assignment. So, on the same day that John graduated from the Airforce, they were legally married! Lauren saved that dress though, and in December when they were able to get leave, they were able to celebrate with the people closest to them. They got married at the Historic Pinecrest Chapel, which is this little gem set into the mountains near Palmer lake. It provided a lovely background to be able to celebrate these two special people. John & Lauren, Congratulations!! I pray your next adventure in Japan in filled with SO many blessings!

All Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography, LLC 2021

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