Dan & Kristen’s Wedgewood Black Forest Wedding: Featuring not only a T-Rex appearance, but some of the biggest hearts and deep love.

A Little About Dan & Kristen

I wrote in my previous blog of Dan & Kristen’s epic Ice Castle engagement session about what incredible people they are. Yet, I’m so excited have yet another chance to tell you, they are absolutely wonderful! I’m so grateful as a wedding photographer that I truly have the BEST clients in the world, and Dan & Kristen are certainly a part of that! These two are kind, thoughtful, servant hearted, FUN, and deeply in love. They are a match, the right type! You can read more of their story here, in their engagement blog.

I had the JOY of photographing Kristen’s Brother Daniel marrying his beautiful Bride, Mary, last summer. (Check them out here) Getting to join in this family celebrating the marriage of their children has been such an honor. ❤

Their Awesome Colorado Springs Wedding at Wedgewood Black Forest

As a Colorado wedding photographer with the season starting in February, I can tell you I’ve been watching the weather like a hawk. Colorado’s winter went deep and wide into the spring this year, into MAY in fact. Dan & Kristen’s end of March 24th was smack dab in the middle of predicted snow, rain, and cold. I think we were all praying about the weather! Well, Kristen felt like the Lord had told her not to worry about it. And you know what, in the midst of what was forecasted as super cold and snowy, we had a beautiful day with only moments of snow kiss.

Kristen has an incredible eye for detail, and the wedding colors of purple in shades was as classy as you can get. The details went deep into caring for people, and that was so beautiful to see. Carefully chosen gifts, thinking of others in every way possible, and spotting people to hug even on the way out of their grand exit were special. And, after the dance party started one of Kristen’s 4 brothers & a friend made an entrance to Jurassic park while wearing T-rex costumes. Everyone needs a T-Rex at their wedding. Just saying.

Dan & Kristen, I wish I could go back and do the day all over again simply because it was so great! I’m so happy for you both, Congratulations!!!

All Rights Reserved, Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography, 2019


Venue: Wedgewood Black Forest

Dress: Something New Boutique &

Flowers: Dawn from Hillside Consultants, Inc

2nd Photographer: Kathryn Kim

Makeup: Lacey Berig

Hair: Kara Rodgers, Bella Shea Salon

DJ: Will with DJ Maestro

Congrats, Dan & Kristen, and may this new season be one of the best yet!!!

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