Ice Castles, Campfire, and Breckenridge Views: Dan & Kristen’s Snowy Winter Engagement is one for the books

About This Post!

Now, when you read the title of the blog post…doesn’t it get you all fired up?! It does for me. Don’t you want to see the ice castles in Dillon and images of an awesome couple around a campfire? And then I think about Dan & Kristen and I think my heart will burst because they are the best part of this adventure! Let me tell you about these two…

How They Met.

Dan & Kristen met through their church, New Life Downtown Colorado Springs, and the young professionals small group events. She was cute and smart. He was smart and cute. And an interest was there. After a group camping trip, during which Kristen learned that new-to-colorado Dan had a great deal of camping experience including a owning subaru, these two took a drive to Kenosha pass to see the fall colors in 2016. It was then that Kristen noticed he was interested…and asked herself how she felt about that. Dinner dates kept making their way into the schedule and the answer to that question was very clearly being answered. Kristen felt good about that. 😉

How They Got Engaged.

Dan had some WORK to do to make this happen. Let me tell you! These two knew they were heading to the marriage altar, and things were already rolling with venue, me, etc… But Kristen’s family is very close and her brother was out of the country. She very much so wanted to have him present for the engagement. She also really wanted it to be a surprise. Dan rose to the occasion like a boss, and pulled it off! In fact, BOTH of their families were present and in town and he still got her. Meeting up with everyone took an unexpected turn at clear creek history park in Golden, where Dan got on one knee behind Kristen and popped the question. Her face was the most surprised one of her brother’s had seen. WIN!

Let’s see the pictures!

We started our winter engagement session at the Dillon Ice Castles. These two were troopers in the cold and braved it in their sweaters. I think the images paid off! We stopped over at Sapphire Point for some epic mountain views, and closed up with the campfire after dark had fallen. Dan & Kristen, March 24th is a day I am SO looking forward to!!!!!

Copyright @ Alysha Ann Photography, CO 2019

Meet Dan & Kristen
They are as wonderful as they look.
And can we all say “ICE CASTLES”?!


This right here. Yes.


Kristen has such a playful spirit, it brings so much joy!


Hello Snowy Colorado Mountains!


Authentic laughter is the. best.


And then we built a little fire!


The inscription on the mugs is different, not the same. ❤


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