A Perfect Rocky Mountain Snow Day in Estes Park: Justin & Laura’s Black Canyon Inn Winter Wedding

Some things you need to know about this couple.

Justin & Laura will 100% steal your heart. So just let it happen. You won’t be sad, I promise. When I first sat down with these two, I knew immediately that they would be an absolute blast to work with. Justin keeps you on your toes with hilarious comments, and the care that you’ll see Laura give to others will make you an immediate fan.

How they met.

Justin & Laura have a long standing history. A very long standing history. In fact, some would consider them still toddlers when they met. Their grandmas were friends, and Laura was brought to Justin’s house. He was not pleased that Laura looked at his Christmas presents under the tree, and the rest was romantic history. 😉 Laura’s time was split between California with her Dad and Colorado with her Mom growing up, and whenever she was here in Colorado she and Justin would hang out. Through the years they grew up, and eventually it was time to call them an official and committed thing…and Laura moved out to Colorado.

Their wedding day.

Laura told me when we met that they didn’t want to have to stress about the weather…so they picked a month that they knew would be cold and potentially snowy-February-and then if it ended up being warm it’d be no big deal. Easier than worrying about rain in June! Though I will say I think we were all hoping for snow. And boy, did they get the most beautiful, snowy, estes park wedding day! I have to give a HUGE shout-out to the whole bridal party, family, guests, and Justin & Laura. It was COLD, and not once did I hear a complaint! They kept the ceremony outside as planned, and rolled with it incredible attitudes.

The Black Canyon Inn is a wonderful mountain wedding venue, and one that can be rented out for the weekend with accommodations. That’s what they did, so that everyone could be together and enjoy a relaxed, vacation style mountain winter wedding. When we landed to start photography coverage, everyone was relaxed and have a blast. The best!

Twin Owls steakhouse in a fantastic reception venue that was beautifully decorated with shades of green and gold. This day is a classic reflection of why I so love being a Colorado wedding photographer. Capturing and being present with wonderful people on one of the most important days of their lives. Justin & Laura, I wish you absolutely the best. Thanks for having me and CONGRATS!!

Dream Team Vendors:

Venue: Black Canyon Inn & Twin Owls Steakhouse
2nd Photographer: Rhema of Rhema Faith Photography Videography: Schwery Vidography Dress: Dani West Bridal and Allure Bridal Makeup: Katie B and the Tiny Redevouz⠀
DJ: Bagpiper & Guitarist- Michael Lancaster

Image Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2019

Laura’s Dress was so beautiful and a perfect fit for the day.
They both wrote their own vows and read them during their first look.
Plaid makes the world a better place.
It’s so important to take a second to SEE yourself on your wedding day. So much planning and prep…take a second to take it in.
Justin had this all laid out when we arrived! Groom’s shots by Rhema.
Justin is a fireman, and the ties are such a great reflection of this!
Their first look…oh man, tears for EVERYONE! Justin doesn’t cry easily, so it was a cherry on top that he started before we even got Laura up the mountain to see him!
Meet Justin & Laura.
The snow started just before the ceremony, so afterwards we grabbed some time before we headed into the reception…and warmth!
The genuine joy in the shot makes me smile every time.
This was not a prompted dip, for the record.
This bridal party ROCKS!!!! They had the best attitudes, despite the freezing cold. I think the high was all of 17 for the day?
Taking care of their people as best they can, with blankets.

Rhema and I shoot together a ton, so to actually grab a shot really fast together was great!
Shades of Green & Gold…it was so classy.
Laura’s sister, Cami, who has awesome red hair!
Justin’s brother, Corey, who is a riot!
Happy Marriage, you two!

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