2 Countries, 1 Incredibly Special Wedding: Scott & Elina’s Wonderful and Incredibly FUN Day

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of waiting with Scott & Elina for a year for their big day. When we sat down for the first time to connect, I was blown away by their story. They met years ago on the east coast, were a couple, broke up and lost touch for a time, reconnected, dated again and got engaged. Here’s the think though…this was across countries! Elina is from Mexico, and Scott is from Colorado.

When you love someone from another world, it’s not a simple decision to be together. These two had enough years dating using planes instead of cars to see each other to know that if they were to marry…it had to be the real deal of love. When you are with them, you know that is it the real deal. Some of the words that they gave me to describe their relationship were “Strong” & “Persistence”. I love that Persistence is a verb. Love is ALSO a verb. We feel love, yes, but it’s also a choice we make. To love someone in the long term, across the challenges, triumphs, and oceans indeed takes strength and persistence. That Scott & Elina have and recognized that even before they said their vows to me says so much about their characters, and sets them up for the future.

These two had some SUPER fun traditions included in their day as you’ll especially see in the reception. Their Catholic ceremony was done bilingually in English and Spanish, and incorporated traditions from both of their countries as well, like the exchanging of coins and giving of flowers to the virgin mother. The reception had a special line dance that included a good dose of tequila for all the guests and throwing of the groom in the air. If you don’t think it was a fun night yet, you soon will! Most importantly, family played a HUGE role in the celebration. Most of Elina’s bridesmaids made the trip from Mexico, as well as many of her family. Scott’s family is also super close and were intricately involved as well. There’s nothing better than seeing the blessing of loved ones over the bride and groom. It’s a beautiful thing.

Scott & Elina, it was an absolute HONOR to be a small part of your story on your wedding day. I am 110% rooting for you on this next and wonderful part of your journey, Marriage. Congrats!!!!!

A huge shoutout to my wonderful friend and 2nd shooter this day, Rhema Peterson! You’ll see some of her shots here.

Hello There, gorgeous dress!!
The crucifix that would be wrapped around them during the ceremony


This is Elina. She’s stunning.
There’s a Mexican tradition of the bridesmaids writing their names on the brides shoes, it looks so great!
Shoe signing…
They got around.
Elina’s mama got her into there dress.


And they had matching bracelets.
All the ladies in Red!


Scott’s mom and dad helped him get ready with his brother/best man.


MR. & MRS!
And…. there’s the magic.


We had stormy skies at the end of our time in the field, and I had to keep it in the final edit.


This is one of my big time favorites!


First dance together as husband and wife.


Elina’s diamonds came from Scott’s grandmother who gave them to Scott specifically for her. ❤ ❤ ❤


And here is the Tequila line dance!
Elina’s brother has epic faces, just saying.


And the throwing of the groom in the air!


Scott & Elina, may all your years together be filled with love that crosses countries!

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