Merry Christmas, and the BEST Christmasy Engagement in Rocky Mountain National Park with Tomas & Sarah!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!!!! As a kid it would drive my mother nuts that I would count down the final week of christmas eves….but I was also the kid that was ready to start to decorate right after my birthday at the end of September. While my love of fall has only increased (enough to delay the decor), my actual love of Christmas stays the same. To everyone who has followed along with me here at AAP this year, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This December kicked off with an awesome engagement session up in Rocky mountain national park, one of my favorite colorado engagement photography locations. It pretty much made my heart start pumping at maximum when Sarah told me she was bringing red accents, the dogs, and that she wanted Christmas lights!!!! We BOTH are Christmas geeks, it doesn’t get any better!

Tomas & Sarah have been together for over a decade. They knew right away that they would be forever together, and I cannot wait for their wedding day in September when we celebrate the final culmination of that! These two are so comfortable with one another and that made photographing them easy. Sarah even said, “There’s nothing I’d feel awkward about in front of him.” during our session. Their lives together are full of the simplicity and beauty of being themselves. That’s worth a toast.

I also have to give these two a major shout out as shooting at elevation in the winter is indeed COLD. When we look at pretty snow & mountain shots on pinterest, we’re in the comfort of normal life-not the freezing, wind, and whatever else nature has going on that day. It takes a real love for the scene, each other, and adventure to make sessions like this happen. Tomas and Sarah not only laughed their way through our time, but their sweet fur babies didn’t complain either! You’ll see them in their darling red sweaters. I’m a sucker for anything with 4 legs, let alone with a cute sweater on. 😉

Tomas & Sarah, I’m so glad we get to be on your wedding journey together. Here’s to celebrating your love in 2017 and in the coming 2018 wedding season!!!

I just have to start off with the red sweaters…I mean, come on!
Meet Tomas & Sarah!
They are so fun together…
Not only do they love one another.
They LAUGH a lot.


Big cozy clothes and Hallett’s peak. Yes.


I loved this moment with Tomas.


“Cookie” is the magic word with these two, they will perk for you immediately. So mom and dad said it too.


Aaaaaaand, Christmas lights!!!!


Colored lights show strongly in camera, and these purple and blue trees were pretty darn cool in their actual color as well as in Black and white.


A last minute request, because you always need a back carry shot!


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