Beauty and the Beast, Old Aggie Beer, Air Force Pilots and more: The only way to intro Paul & Mariah’s wonderful Wedding

I feel like when talking about Paul and Mariah, I almost don’t know where to start because there are SO many wonderful places you can! So I’ll begin with the most important. These two love each other in a real, tangible, and dedicated way. They’ve been together through their college years and after, have been in close proximity and long distance, and through it all…know they are for one another. These two genuinely love God, each other, and just plain having a good time! Let’s just say that November 12th was a pretty great day…

Their day was also a Colorado wedding photographer’s dream in so many awesome ways. There wedding was nestled into the Rocky Mountain Foothills in Lyons, Colorado at Lion’s Crest Manor. The weather was sunny and mild and there were a million sweet details that were a blast to photograph. Mariah specifically had requested a shot list with the Bridal party and Old Aggie beer cans, there were classy Beauty and the Beast touches like a white rose under a dome at the sign in table, and a slew of other things that represented them. These two even were up to stick around for some Sparkler magic after their big exit!

What sticks out even more than the awesome details and venue are the wonderful people that Paul & Mariah surround themselves with. I had the great joy of photographing one of Mariah’s closest friend’s wedding earlier in the year, Kelsi & her hubby Garrett. That’s how Mariah found me in the first place, and the close knit group that they share is one of the funnest parties you could ask for, as well as quality and caring people. You’ll see, trust me!

Paul is a United States Air Force Pilot, and these two are onto their first assignment with the military and in married life. Paul & Mariah, Colorado will miss you…but will always welcome you with open arms! I am so excited for you in all the new pieces of your journey as husband and wife, CONGRATS!!!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018


Paul’s youngest sister was the flower girl, and she and Mariah have pretty special bond.


Steven, my hubby, 2nd shot with me this day. He took the guys out to the awesome Cigar barn Lion’s crest manor has and they had a little fun. Maybe too much, but I loved it.


Mariah’s sister is so fun to watch!


One of my favorite captures of the day, because real emotion is worth it.
Mariah’s dad did a first look with her, and you could feel bigness of the day through it.


Beauty and the Beast.


Mariah’s sister during their first dance.
Hello party time!


The DJ, Cole, is a friend of theirs and we had to get a shot. He’s also a really good DJ, just saying….


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