A Mountain Wedding in the Fog & Doughnuts…Can You Need Anything Else? Ryan & Natalie’s Pines at Genesee Wedding with Bring Tears to You Eyes!

Whew, this Thanksgiving week is a HOT one on the AAP blog…3 posts and another one on the way in the next few days! That just goes to show that I have a ton to be thankful for, and at the top of the list is the amazing clients I get to work with everyday!

Ryan & Natalie are just that, amazing. One of the key things that sticks out about their day is the LAUGHTER that follows them where ever they are! They make other people laugh, but most importantly they make each other laugh. Even as I edited their photos, I kept seeing, feeling, and rejoicing over their marriage. These two are in it, and the vows that they made on their wedding day brought tears to my eyes.

I also have to say, the weekend that they got married was a weekend that Colorado got hit with a massive cold front. Colorado wedding photographers always know there’s a chance of this and we prep to shoot in anything, but this was still a surprise as the weather is typically really nice mid September. I was so impressed with how they didn’t allow the chill or rain to dampen their joy. The continued to celebrate! They had a morning wedding at the Pines at Genesee just outside of Golden, CO, and I think they had a miracle. We finished up Bride & Groom portraits around 2:30 after they had left the wedding…and literally moments after we got into our cars to leave a torrential downpour opened up. Talk about just in time! We had all the awesome portraits, and had no need to ruin her dress in the rain or chill them to the bone with wet and cold.

When I asked about their story when we originally met, I was totally blown away by the romance that it included. Natalie shared that part of what God had been showing her in her life was that He loves to lavish her, and Ryan has been a part of that. He planned some of the most creative ways to woo his Lady, and to be honest I don’t think he’ll stop in their years of marriage. Scuba diving dates, chinese lanterns, and all sorts of crazy adventures were all bookmarks of their dating season. When you marry someone you can adventure through life with, it creates the opportunity to continue to fall in love with new aspects of one another. Talk about a beautiful thing.

Ryan & Natalie, it was an HONOR to be a part of your coming together in marriage…May every year, every decade, and every adventure pull you closer together!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO 2015, all rights reserved.

Meet Ryan & Natalie.


They are so BEAUTIFUL together!!


Cam Youmans was the awesome videographer, and yes…he’s wearing Natalie’s stole while we do portraits.
These two have FUN!


Ryan often kisses Natalie’s hands, I’ve seen him do it many times.


This may have happened, and under no photographer direction for the record!


And there was an epic fog that rolled in….


and silly.


Sometimes Hotels really work for ya.


Ryan’s reaction was so profound when he saw her.
All the guys tried to help him clean up.


This is an all time favorite ring shot!


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