200 White Umbrellas: Andrew & Sara’s Incredible Wedding Truly Danced in the Rain

Andrew & Sara’s wedding day was beautiful in every sense of the word. Beautiful people. Beautiful details. Beautiful Bride & Groom. Most of all, Beautiful hearts. These two got married on a day that ended up being one of the rainiest and coldest days normally lovely September could throw out there. You see a lot about people’s character when things take an unexpected turn like that. Andrew & Sara decided to embrace it and celebrate on for their wedding at The Island at Pelican Lakes. And celebrate they did! They ordered 200 white umbrellas on Amazon prime and rocked it from there!

Andrew & Sara have a love story that is perfect in it’s timing. Andrew’s younger sister Kelly and Sara have been friends for years. Andrew is older, and hadn’t been around as much due to the age difference. Well, after college these two ran into each other while working a college recruiting event. That’s when all the history caught up, and the time was right. All the pieces fell into place quickly from there. When you see the two of them together, you see how clearly they fit one another perfectly.

One of the things I loved about their day was the amazing love and support of a whole community. They are both from Windsor, CO. They had a bridal party of 10 on each side, and every friend was there for a reason. The family network setting up the day, and who helped creatively make every detail absolutely perfect was astounding. You’ll see the reveal doors that Andrew made, and WOW, they are incredible. There is nothing like the rejoicing of many people that love the bride and groom, and that’s just what their day had.

Andrew & Sara, may every step be filled with laughter, love, and every time it rains may there be the umbrellas from those who love you to help cover you as you dance. Congrats!!!

A huge shout out to my wonderful 2nd for the day, Rebecca Elliot, you’ll see a couple of her images here!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO 2015, all rights reserved.


Isn’t she beautiful!


Kelly is Andrew’s sister, who REALLY helped things along in the beginning. 😉


The girls gathered to pray over Sara as she stepped into a whole new season.


This is Andrew!
They guys wanted to race, and have me laughing hysterically.


The reveal doors.


Andrew’s smile was so awesome when he saw her.


Well hello, 200 white umbrellas!


Andrew is in the Navy, and we had to re-create the Vday kiss.


The attention to detail was incredible.


Watch the next thing that happens.
Kelly stays away!
This gal nails it!


Sara’s mom got in there with her kids to dance the wobble, and I will never, ever forget how awesome it was!!!!
Even in the rain…a wonderful sparkler exit!

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