Family Love: The Conkrights in Action

This season has been jam packed, and most of my amazing families and their sessions that have happened along the way haven’t had a chance to shine on the blog. Well, as I finish up a wedding to deliver tonight (I know, it’s almost 11pm), I’ve also been working on this wonderful family. I’m finding myself smiling too much while editing them that I can’t help but take a moment while exporting lots and lots of things to show them to you.

JR & Rebekah attend our church in the Thornton area. We met back in 2015, and I had the joy of photographing them last year. While our families aren’t directly connected in activities, every time I get to see a Conkright I get that really happy feeling! So you can imagine I was pretty darn happy the day of their session. 🙂

I think what always strikes me about this family is how free they are with one another. They are tight. Like, for real. And that tightness includes an acceptance and love of each member in their strengths and weaknesses. It’s like God’s love for us, very unconditional no matter the trials or triumphs. Each member of this family is so unique, but there is room for each person. And I LOVE getting to photograph that! JR & Rebekah, your hard work in building a family is evident, and the fruit is oh so good. Thanks for having me photograph you again this year!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO 2015, all rights reserved.

Meet the Conkrights!
These siblings are so great together…


After all their years together, I love how JR and Rebekah still look at each other.


Mother daughter sweetness!


For the record this running shot was totally a snap of the moment, these two just were running off and I had to grab it!

Derek has such an awesome smile.


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