Fall, Mountains, and RAINBOWS, Oh My! Josh & Beth’s Fall Mountain engagement in Rocky Mountain National Park is the type that lights up the world.

I wish you could meet Josh and Beth. They are kind, fun, real, and just plain wonderful. You’d love them, I promise! These two Colorado Mountain lovers actually met across the world on a trip to Israel. The best part…is they were both accompanying their parents! On the tour, they hit it off, and let’s just say Mom and Dad approved. πŸ˜‰

Anytime I have a couple that wants to do an engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park, I want to kiss them! I’m a mountain girl through and through, and when I meet that in my couples it feels like an immediate connection. These two are no exception! We drove through the park together to get to our shooting locations, and these two made ME feel right at home. I usually consider that my job, but they got me!

We shot in the midst of the crazy smoke haze that filled Colorado’s air mid-september this year. It was awful. Just awful. No one wanted to breath. Even coming into Estes, Beth and I were both praying in our cars for God to move the haze some and give us a little break and some views. Well, He didn’t disappoint! We got up to the park after the clearing of the first rain that eventually would move the haze that week, and we found beautiful sky. And, a Rainbow. It was a special moment.

Josh & Beth, I am beyond excited for your big day in October!!! And, I’m going to be coming to Alamosa for those dunes and green chiles. It’s a date!

Meet Josh & Beth. And their Rainbow. πŸ˜‰
They will MELT your heart!


I greatly appreciate their silliness, as well as their romance. πŸ˜‰
But oh man, they can do romance.


A perfect silhouette opportunity arose with Sprague lake behind them. Wows!


An epic view is always made better with people in love.


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