Alex & Rachael’s Jewish Wedding at the Preserve at Bingham Hill: Incredible Traditions, Sweet Love, and a Dance Party You Won’t Forget!

Happy Tuesday! This week is about to bring not just one but TWO wedding posts as couples receive their galleries. Posting blogs always takes me back to the wedding day, and for Alex & Rachael it’s no exception! Their wedding was at the awesome Preserve at Bingham Hill in Fort Collins, CO.

These two have such a fun story-they are both Jewish and met on a trip for young professionals to Israel. Well, when the time was right, Alex planned his proposal…back in the country of their heritage and meeting! He even had a photographer to document the proposal and then take photographs of them in Jerusalem after she said yes. Pretty incredible, right?!

These two are so loved by their families and the people in their lives. They had a traditional Jewish wedding, and it was beautiful to watch people going into the celebration with them. From the purple Kippot (head covering) available for everyone to guests greeting the bride and groom before the ceremony, they were joined by those close in their lives. Many tears were shed, and when Alex came to veil his bride I don’t know if there was a dry eye around. Enjoy this glimpse into their special day…Mazel Tov, Alex & Rachael!

Also a huge shoutout to my wonderful second shooter for the day, Rhema Peterson. You’ll see some of her images. She rocks!

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-1Her dress…rocks my socks off!Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-2As do her shoes. 😉

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-17The bridesmaids faces when they saw her for the first time were pretty much fantastic.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-45Rachael & her dad has a first look, and seeing how moved he was would melt anyone.



A little touch up before the ceremony gave an artistic moment.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-332Kippah it!

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-427Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-395Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-398The Marriage contract is a work of art, and important part of the traditional process.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-95Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-437The Rabbi consulting with Rachael’s dad before Alex comes to veil his bride.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-446And then it was time for Alex to come and veil Rachael! This tradition comes from a story in the Torah and Bible. A man who became a jewish patriarch, Jacob, was tricked by Laban. Laban veiled his older daughter Leah instead of his younger daughter Rachel to be given in marriage to Jacob, and Jacob didn’t know through the veils. Jewish grooms now veil their own brides, as a “check” to who she is!

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-105Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-108Alex & Rachael also hadn’t seen each other for a week before the wedding, so it made the veiling, and first look, even more potent.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-111Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-116Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-118Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-119Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-464Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-130The bridal party carried in the Chuppah and other ceremonial pieces.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-138Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-140Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-525 The bride shows her ring to witnesses.

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-552And at the end…is the famous breaking of the glass!

Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-152Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-163Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-284Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-577Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-635Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-293Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-639Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-638Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-620Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-622Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-217Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-197Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-235Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-239Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-405Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-251Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-254Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-563Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-588 One of Rhema’s killer images!Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-653Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-655Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-669Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-674Alex&RachelWeddingAlyshaAnnPhotography-679 You don’t always get the worm at a wedding, but it’s pretty awesome when you do!


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