Church Ranch Events Center Class: Adrian & Jacqui brought all the love on June 10th!

I’ve been looking forward to Adrian & Jacqui’s wedding since last fall, when we met over coffee and closed the shop down talking about their wedding and life. We have many things in common, and being around a couple that is so clearly in love automatically makes you happy. To tell you about their wedding, I have to start off with this. Jacqui was the most contented and joyful bride, a really special combination! Those two words may seem like a paradox, but it’s the truth. She was peaceful, and so content to be having her wedding day. At the same time, her excitement and joy was absolutely contagious! She was focused on getting married, and not worried about anything else. She and Adrian make a perfect fit. He is pretty much as cool as they come!!

Colorado weddings are meant for a mountain setting, right? At the Church Ranch Event Center, you truly get that feel without a crazy drive. It is SO close to Denver. Also, I have to give a shout out to Flintwood Florals. Their reusable flowers looks AmAzIng! Fake flowers can get a little tricky, but these were absolutely stunning. You can check out their work here:  Lastly, a huge thanks to my second shooter for the day, Elizabeth Workman. You’ll see a few of her beautiful shots in this post!

Adrian and Jacqui…I couldn’t be more happy for you two. I wish you all the love and joy in the world to fill your hearts and lives! ❤

Meet Adrian & Jacqui…


They are hilarious!


As well as beautiful.


Flintwood florals, I’m telling you!


Jacqui’s sweet nieces tried on her dress, so cute!
Jacqui and I are fellow tea lovers, and she brought her favorite tea cup for detail shots. My heart may have fluttered.
There were tears with her mama and sister.


Adrian calls Jacqui the “queen of pearls”.


She brought her teddy she sleeps with every night to the hotel. Adrian was jealous I heard. 😉


Sometimes keeping the bride out of the groom’s site gets a little crazy, as it did here.
Jacqui is close with her dad, and did a first look with him.


And then Adrian and Jacqui did a “no look first look” to hear one another’s voices.


Their first dance of many together as married!

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