Meant to Be: Tim & Kara’s Colorado Springs March Wedding!

A Little About Tim & Kara

Kara has long been on my love list of people, and Tim popped on there with great ease right next to her! I’ve had the absolute JOY of photographing 4 weddings in Kara’s family now, and these people are my people. You can read more about their story on their engagement session post from Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park here. I think a great way to describe these two as people that know where they want to go. They knew quickly in their dating relationship where they wanted to go. They both were looking to walk through life with a person that had an important list of values centered around Jesus, and that was number one. Early on in their relationship, the were very open and clear about those foundations, and that allowed them to…go where they wanted to go! As a result we got to spend an awesome day getting them married this March!

A Little About Their Wedding

The day before Tim and Kara’s wedding, Colorado Springs had a good ‘ol school blizzard!! And you know what, their actual wedding day dawned warm with sunshine and it got to work melting away the flakes. By late morning, the ground was no longer covered in white and while I can’t say the breee was warm…it definitely wasn’t freezing. I showed up to get Kara into her dress with her fantastic group of gals, and things got rolling from there! We did a first look and bridal party images at Palmer Park and then went straight over to the Church these two attend for the ceremony. In a whoosh they were married, doing their first dance, and Tim told me right before we did their grand ribbon exit, “It really does go by so fast!” We ducked back over to Palmer again for some Bride and Groom portraits right around sunset and had the expanse of Pikes Peak for a view. I can’t think of a better backdrop for these two!!

Tim and Kara, you am sending you so much love and blessings-Congrats!!!!

All Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, LLC 2021

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