Garden of the Gods Engagement: Spencer & Julia’s Sun Kissed Session

I said this on Spencer & Julia’s Social Media sneak peek, and I have to reiterate it. Being a Colorado Wedding Photographer is so wonderful in that I have amazing canvases to showcase amazing couples like Spencer and Julia on. These two people are QUALITY in all caps, let me tell you!

A Little About Spencer & Julia

These two know each other through a very special connection, Julia’s brother, which means they’ve known each other since she was 18. The first time they started to “notice” each other happened when Spencer stopped at her family’s home while moving cross country. That was three and a half years ago, but ya know, kept moving on. Fast forward past a few other encounters (like a family ski trip), Julia was at her brother’s house over 4th of July, and they started talking. A few weeks into this, Julia broke things off for fear of all of the family connections that could so easily be hurt if things didn’t work out. It CAN be really complicated to date a siblings best friend! But…she couldn’t get over him. These two are rooted people of faith, and Julia received a dream that she knew was from the Lord…and wrote Spencer a letter. He took some time to pray on it, even though he knew immediately it was a yes on his side, and after that is was on like donkey kong! These two knew each other’s characters well, before even stepping into the romantic relationship circle, so dating was really just figuring out and confirming the chemistry between them.

A Little Bit About Their Engagement and Session

Spencer pulled really nailed it as to what would mean the most to them when he proposed. He is a marine, and kept the wool over her eyes by letting her know he may or may not be able to make a leave to see her. “Last minute” he was able to come, and took her on a sunrise hike where he popped the question. When they came home, there was a massive surprise party waiting including family that flew in to be there. These two are very family oriented, so this was really special. Go Spencer!!

For their session, we needed to plan around leave, and hit the jackpot of a warm and beautiful day at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I’m pretty sure the whole world had decided it was a great day to be there in the beautiful weather, but we had great little pockets to be able to shoot. It has been quite a while since I’ve been in the park, and it was a treat to be able to wander the paths.

Spencer and Julia, I am so happy for you two and can see there is something special between you two…CONGRATS!!!

Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2020 All Rights Reserved

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