Can’t Stop This Love: Jonnavin & Janaye’s Pines at Genessee Wedding day

A Little About Jonnavin & Janaye

I wrote some of Jonnavin & Janaye’s story on their engagement post here, and can’t skip mentioning that they have known each other since they were kindergarten age. Their families are very close, and their parents used to whisper to each other “what if” when they were young. Their’s is a story worth hearing, and its rarity makes it pretty darn cool!!

A Little About Their Wedding Day

Colorado weddings in 2020 has been on a bit of a roller coaster, as everyone knows. But these two have navigated being on opposite sides of the world (Ireland and Colorado) as well as the states during their relationship, and let’s just say nothing was going to stop their love from putting a ring on it! They kept their date to get married at the Pines at Genesse in July, and worked with the required adjustments, like having their reception outdoors at a lower terrace. It worked beautifully, and next year we’ll have slam bang reception with more of the breadth of the people originally intended to be at their wedding. Jonnavin & Janaye, it was an honor to get to celebrate your marriage with you…thank you for picking me!! Congrats!!

Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO 2020

Dream Team of the day:





Hair: Victoria at

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