Ian & Adrienne: A Tapestry House Garden Wedding with New Orleans Flair!

A Little About Ian & Adrienne

The first thing that you need to know about these two is that they are FUN!!! It is so true that when you have a couple that has fun together, you know they’ve got great things going for them, and these two do. Ian and Adrienne met white in College in Ft. Collins, CO at CSU. They were both music majors…but that’s not how they met! 😉 They met online on a dating app. Now, in full disclosure, Adrienne had seen Ian around, so when they connected on the app it wasn’t totally a cold call. That first date at the Wild Boar Coffee shop, a local favorite, went long in the conversation realm and soon these two were an item. Their dating season included being close then long distance, to close again when Adrienne joined Ian in Louisiana, where he had moved. To top off their travels across locations together, Ian proposed at a relationally significant place for them….Washington DC! How cool is that?!

A Little About Their Day

Ian and Adrienne’s wedding date fell in June 2020, and in the midst of all that has happened in the world this year. But you know what, these two were still getting married! Restrictions had lifted enough for them to plan a ceremony with a few people present, and that’s just what they did. I mentioned this when I posted their sneak peek images on social media, but what I LOVED most what seeing their celebration together. They did not hold back from celebrating that they were getting married, no matter how big or how small attendance could be. Ian would whoop through the house, and Adrienne would answer, and there moments of spontaneous dancing! These two bring out the silly side in one another, and watching them interact on one of the most important days of their lives was a joy!

Ian & Adrienne, thank you for having me with on your big day, and we’ll be back in 2021 for a KILLER reception!!!

Dream Team of the Day:

Venue: The Tapestry House Wedgewoodhttps://www.tapestryhouse.com

Flowers: Best Day Floral

Copyright @ Alysha Ann Photography CO, LLC All right Reserved, 2019

Copyright @alysha Ann Photography CO, 2020

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