A Very T-Rex Engagement: Neal & Mackenzie’s Wintery Chataqua Session

Happy February to the world!! Winter engagement sessions are in full swing, but in the midst of the busy-ness I simply HAVE to take a moment to share with you Neal & Mackenzie’s fantastically fun engagement session. First…

A little bit about Neal & Mackenzie

Neal & Mackenzie have been together for over 6 years. They originally met at a “help him over being dumped” party for a friend who’s girlfriend decided and an extended stay studying abroad for a new dude. Mackenzie ended up being the only girl there, and she and Neal couldn’t stop talking. pretty much from that point on they were inseparable, even across long distance! They shared a love of video games old and new, sense of humor, and so much more. In fact, I’m so excited for how their mutual interests will be represented at their wedding in April. I’ll hint that there will be “games” and a special ring bearer. 😉

A Little About Their Chataqua Engagement Session

As we were planning their engagement, these two knew straight out of the gate they wanted to do something out of the box, which I LOVE! We threw around a few things like a pumpkin patch or carnival, but winter came EARLY to Colorado this year and we moved on to another idea they had which I think ended up even better…T-REX ENGAGEMENT!!!!

They wrangled some friends to help us pull off this amazing event, and we planned for Chataqua to shoot. Colorado has amazing landscapes for engagement photography, and Chataqua never disappoints. Neal if from Boulder originally, and they’ll be getting married in Boulder so the location is extra special. In the FREEZING cold, these 2 rocked frolicking with the dinos and eventually being eaten (what do you expect from a T-Rex?). We headed up to the mountain for some shots of just the two of them as well, and I loved watching the fun these two have together. There is a bond that comes over time, and they certainly have that in a wonderful way!!

Neal & Mackenzie, I am thrilled I get to work with you two…I’m so excited for April for you, and for the future!! Congrats!!

Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2019 All Rights Reserved

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