I’ve Always Loved You: Childhood Sweethearts Jonnavin & Janaye’s Erie Home Engagement

The weather is changing and we’ve already had our first snow here in Colorado, and this wedding photographer is excited for the holidays and the slowing down of the photo season in November. In the midst of the fullness of the summer and fall, there are some sessions and weddings that haven’t made the spot on the blog yet, and this is one of them. Meet Jonnavin & Janaye!

A little bit about Jonnavin & Janaye

I’m so excited to introduce you to these two. They have such a beautiful, and special story. Jonnavin & Janaye have known each other since they were little kids. They grew up playing together, and Jonnavin’s little sister is Janaye’s best friend. Their parents, who were also friends, had talked to each other over the growing up years about how they could see these two together. Well, that is JUST what happened! Even over the distance that comes with growing up and moving to college…and Jonnavin’s family moving to Ireland to do mission work, these two have continued to foster their relationship and it has led them to here, engagement! For their engagement session, they wanted to represent their history in their images. Jonnavin still knows the family that lives in his childhood home in Erie, CO and they were okay with us taking photos there! We later went over to another friend’s land, and had a blast basking in the glorious summer sunset.

We have to talk about how he proposed

Because it’s so awesome! Jonnavin rather takes the cake in the proposal department, because not many men can say they took their lady to another country to pop the question!! Jonnavin & Janaye went to Ireland over a college break to spend time with his family there. Because of the closeness of their families, Jonnavin knew that it would be hard for her parents not to be near when this important event took place. So he asked for their blessing to propose to her in Ireland. Janaye’s mother shared this part of the story when I met her, and how much it honored her and Janaye’s dad to have him take the time to include them in that way. They gave their blessing on not just the asking, but the how. So when Jonnavin and Janaye got to Ireland, he asked her to take a hike…and she almost said “No” because she was really tired. But she went, and they hiked to a waterfall… We know she said yes! 😉

Jonnavin & Janaye, you have something so special in your relationship and story. I know God has amazing things in store for you. I am SO excited to capture your wedding day next summer!!!

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