Chatfield Reservoir Glow: Ryan & Colleen’s fun filled and BEAUTIFUL engagement

I’m so excited as I type that it is SEPTEMBER, and that means it is Ryan & Colleen’s wedding month!!! Here’s a little intro to them before we hit their big day, I know you are going to fall in love with them just like I did-immediately!

How They Met

Ryan & Colleen have a beautiful story. They met 5 years ago at the Grizzly Rose. They dated for a year, but with where they were at in their lives it wasn’t time…so they broke up. 2 years fast forward, Ryan is sitting in his car in front of the grocery store and praying about Colleen. He goes into the store, and the bump into one another in the produce! They went their ways, and then ran into each other again the next week. Finally, one night as Colleen was driving home and praying about Ryan. He texted her right after she finished. Can we agree that the Lord is on this one?!

How He Proposed

Ryan and Colleen had been together for a year and a half, and it was time. Ryan told Colleen to reserve the day, and took her up to the Ritz in Beaver Creek. He had booked a snowcat trip, so they climbed up the mountain on that crazy ride up to Zach’s Cabin, a wonderful restaurant at the top of the ski mountain. Needless to say…she said yes. 😉

Where We Went

We needed a beautiful place that wasn’t a crazy drive, and Chatfield Reservoir delivered. There is a wonderful cottonwood grove as well as the water of the reservoir to work with, and the evening of their engagement session we had a wonderful Colorado summer evening. We had glow, and the perfect temperature to make some magic!

How They Found Me

One of the things that has been an incredible honor over the years is the massive amount of couples that come to me on referrals. I would honestly say 75% or more of AAP brides come to me this way. In particular, there is an INCREDIBLE community in the Boulder (ish) area that I’ve had the joy of photographing multiple couples from. Colleen’s older sister is a part of this community, and passed my name to her. The best part is they are all getting used to seeing my funky dance moves, and we all get to share hugs and excitement together. Jen, thank you for passing my name-and I can’t wait to see you with Colleen & Ryan on the 22nd! Ryan & Colleen, I am SO excited for you in this special new journey…Congrats!!!

All rights reserved. Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2019

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