St. Ignatius Church to the Larimer Social: David & Hannah’s Amazing Architecture and Big Heart Wedding

A Little About David & Hannah

David & Hannah are some of the most genuine people that you will ever meet, with hearts as big as the ocean. From the first time we met at the Starbucks in Writer’s Square Downtown Denver, I walked away like I had just made new friends. These two met online, and you’ll know when you see them that they are a perfect fit. They share a common love of books, city life, and cozy evenings together. These two are quality focus people, and their relationships around them speak well to that, and I got to experience on their big day! You can read a little more on their engagement session blog post here. Also…Hannah is a marriage counselor-wedding officiant that ROCKS! If you’re in the market, look her up at: Making Relationships Thrive

A Little About Their Special Day

These two held their wedding at the same church that David’s family has been a part of his whole life. David is Catholic, and Hannah’s background is conservative Lutheran. They currently attend St. Ignatius and their faith in the Lord was something they wanted to keep central to their wedding. St. Ignatius is a GORGEOUS wedding venue in Denver. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I was TOTALLY happy to have that space to set these two wonderful people. We had some fun in the stained glass during their portrait time and it was perfect. In fact, there was quite a decent chance of rain during our planned portrait time. We had a special little bubble of grace at it literally only rained when we were inside the building, never when we were out…and we came in and out quite a bit! The reception was downtown, a block from their house, at the Larimer Social. A perfect city ending for a city couple!

Because David and Hannah are relationally centered, you could see people being put first throughout the day. This will ALWAYS be my favorite thing to see at a wedding, and it was so present here. Even the table decorations were hand made by a friend who loves them and shares a book passion…and so made flowers out of book pages. They were so cool!!

David & Hannah, I am so excited for you and all that God has in store for you. CONGRATS!!!

Dream Team of the Day

Venues: St. Ignatius of Loyola & Larimer Social, Denver

DJ: Michael & Dancing’ Shoes DJ

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