Breckenridge, CO: The best place for family photos in the wildflowers and water

Meet the Adams Family!

I don’t often get to blog families as there are so many and their sessions have a much quicker turn around than weddings. BUT, the Adams family hit my heart, and also chose a location that is one of my favorite places in the world…so I need to take a second to share.

Carissa contacted me early summer as she and her family were coming to Colorado for a vacation from Florida. She’s a smart lady, and knows to photograph her family regularly. So she reached out to me to help document their time here in Colorado. One of the very first things I noticed from Carissa’s emails is that she is very, very kind. She knows what’s up, but is the type of person you automatically like. The rest of their family is just the same way. Watching the sweetness of Tristan as an older brother with Emmaleen so clearly showed that there is a lot of love there, and that extended to all 4 of them. That makes my job as a family photographer easy.

Now, Breckenridge is a pretty special place any year. This year, we’ve had such a mild summer and lots of moisture that the wild flowers have been on a whole different level than in years past. They have been gorgeous, and we were able to take advantage of that in their session. We had a perfect night in the colorado sunset, and I think you’ll agree. Carissa, thanks for choosing me!!

All rights reserved. Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2019

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