CU Boulder Fall Leaves, A Foggy Chataqua Morning, and MICKEY MOUSE EARS: Jamie & Jessica’s incredible engagement session

I think I might have too many things in the title of this blog post, but how can I not state just SOME of the fun things that Jamie and Jessica’s engagement session hosted?! These two found me through the Manor House blog, which you can access here, and can I tell you that from the moment we sat down for Coffee it was love at first photographer site? We had so much fun chatting that we closed the coffee shop down. I cannot tell you how honored I was when I got an email from them saying they wanted to book. Jessica shared that Jamie had said, “I’m torn…Do we hire her as our photographer, or invite her? Because she’s going to be a great wedding guest!” Insert all the emoji’s here please, they were all coming out of me! I couldn’t be more excited to both photograph, and therefore attend their special day. ❤

Jamie & Jessica have some pretty cool things in their engagement session. We started out photographing at Chataqua park in Boulder, and when we rolled in at the early AM when the sun was supposed to rise…instead we had a full and intense fog roll in! This has only happened a handful of times in the many, many sessions I’ve had over the years. It’s pretty special! After Chataqua we went over the CU boulder’s campus and hit up Old Main and a few other spots. Finally…we ended with Pearl street, INCLUDING Ben & Jerry’s! Jamie’s Dad own a Ben and Jerry’s on the east coast and ice cream is therefore like morning coffee to them. See, you know you like them. 😉 We also had to get some shots with Mickey Mouse hats as Jamie and Jessica met through the mouse…while working in Disney land. Their Colorado wedding will take place next June at the Manor house, and have some “hidden mickey’s”. 😉

Jamie & Jessica…thank you for choosing me…and let’s get this party started!!

Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

I have to start with one of our last shots because its so fun!
Meet Jamie & Jessica<3
The leaves had fallen most places, but Boulder holds out as it’s in this perfect little pocket of weather.


Aaaaaand, Hello Fog!


Okay, so Jamie “planks around the world”. When he was working in Epcot, it was literally a thing and there’s a great deal of photographic evidence. Here is more.




Some Ben and Jerry’s window time.


Can you see how fun they are?


June 1st, we’re coming for you!

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