Golf Lovers United Forever! Tomas & Sarah’s heartfelt wedding day, complete with beautiful tears!

I know I might sound a bit like a broken record…but I have the BEST clients. Like, for real! I’ve made more friends through being a wedding and family photographer than I knew were possible and loved every minute of it. Tomas and Sarah are shining examples of this!

Sarah was a referral to me originally, and we bonded from the moment we sat down. Their engagement session last December brought all the smiles (Can you say Christmas lights, puppies, and Mountains?), and I’ve enjoyed interacting with them for over a YEAR!! It’s one of the joys of the planning process. Their wedding day was an awesome reflection of them, as them. It is so awesome to see a couple take their day and say, “we’re going to celebrate in the way that fits who we are as a couple the best.” and that’s what these two did. They chose to have their friends with them while they got ready in their own home, didn’t have a bridal party to keep things low key for friends and family, and had their reception at a golf course they’ve played…because these two love to golf!! If I could look every engaged couple in Colorado in the eye, I’d say just that…do what is a reflection on you on your wedding day and don’t sweat anything else. To say it was a blast to join in such an awesome journey is as these two said their vows is rather an understatement.

These two also had 2 events that were extra special…for me, hahaha! We got to take the golf carts onto the course for bride and groom portraits (WIN), and they also had a sparkler exit-which I NEVER tire of. I’d say that it was all a complete and utter success. Tomas and Sarah, I am forever rooting for you. CONGRATS!!!!

Dress: Maggie Sotterro Rebecca Ingram, Amanda’s Bridal

Venue: Riverdale Golf Course

Flowers: Arrangement with Marzeyah

Copyright @Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Sarah’s Details were immaculate…and so pretty!


Their first look was the best…lot’s of great tears and emotions.


I love the way he looks at her.


And time for the fun stuff..


My wonderful 2nd for the day, Rachel, took this shot.


This IS how I feel at this moment…


Sometimes moments just happen like this, and make you smile.


A couple more of Rachel’s shots…
and another.
SPARKLERS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! They’re also actually pretty technical to nail, which I also love.
Their faces here are so wonderful I have to share. So fun!!



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