Two YEARS of waiting for this Magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountain Wedding at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau…Nick and Taylor <3

Yep. You read that title correctly. I’ve been patiently waiting for Nick and Taylor’s big day for two years. I suppose they were probably as excited as I was. Maybe. I was pretty excited. 😉 When Nick, Taylor and I originally sat down in a little coffee shop off I-25 near Colorado Springs, I remember being impressed with how far they were willing to go to make a Mountain wedding happen. These two live in Pueblo, a significant drive from Rocky Mountain National Park and the Della Terra, and their family is from Chicago. We did their engagement session in the park as well, last Jun, and it was a great teaser to hanging out in the mountains together for this year.

Taylor and Nick are a hilarious couple to watch. They can sarcastically spar with the best of them! But then there’s the way that Nick looks at Taylor, and her excitement to be with him. This day was filled with moments that made me burst out laughing while photographing (Like the toast where Nick’s family pulled out toy pork chops and started squeaking them), and moments that made me go all girly mushy…like when Nick saw Taylor for the first time at their first look. Nick and Taylor, thanks for picking me to be with you on your incredibly special big day!!

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Flowers: Boulder Blooms

Dress: Brides by Young, Schaumburg 

Cake: All You Need Is Pie

2nd Shooter: Rhema Peterson of Rhema Faith Photography

Meet Nick and Taylor.
Can’t you already tell how fun they are?
My amazing wedding photographer, Shelley Paulson, took a very similar shot to this when Steven and I got married at the Della Terra. This bridge is just dreamy!


Veils are a favorite…

GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-49GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-88GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-76GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-66GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-91GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-36GrantBride&amp;Groom2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-42I told Nick to give her the biggest kiss on the cheek and he did not disappoint…though next time I should clarify no licking. 😉


I have to include this because I was having so. Much. Fun!


Taylor’s grandma had a love of dime collecting…and so it was a wonderful way to include her!


Taylor is an avid Harry Potter fan and the books were on the head table.
Nick’s face…wait for it!


SO great!!!


These reactions are pretty priceless, just saying’.
They exited with a Lavender toss!

GrantFamily2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-55Taylor’s mom has her (Taylor’s) Dad’s high school ring. It was fun to get such a meaningful shot.


This shot says it all.


Dun Dun Dun…
She started the smash, so it was fair game from there!


Nighttime Portraits…always. ❤


4 thoughts on “Two YEARS of waiting for this Magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountain Wedding at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau…Nick and Taylor <3

  1. Beautiful day, and the best photographer! You were wonderful and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. ❤️❤️❤️


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