A Mountain Engagement on Your Own Propterty is Just as Dreamy as it Sounds: Gene & Sarah are as beautiful as it gets in a beautiful Poudre Canyon home.

Gene and Sarah are wonderful. That’s the first thing I want you to know about them, because they are awesome! They found me at the referral of a friend, and I walked away from my first meeting with them so impressed with their love story and the family they are building. Gene & Sarah have been together for over 4 years. Sarah lives in Estes Park, and Gene lives up the Poudre Canyon…and they are a solid 2 hours apart. When I drove to Gene’s property, that was so present on my mind. The commitment to love someone that is that far away through the dating process is a big one. There are no short cuts between them, instead it’s literally mountains that are there. BUT, they’ve overcome them all! The physical ones, as well as the ones that come with life and building a relationship. Their wedding day in July will be one with a massive celebration going on in heaven at the joy of their marriage.

Sarah has two sweet kiddos, and they steal your heart pretty much immediately. You’ll see some sibling eskimos in here that made me absolutely MELT! This new family that is forming has much beauty in it.

On a photography note… Any colorado photographer would be green at our surroundings the day of our session! We started photographing at Gateway park, and then hit Gene’s place. Mountain engagement sessions always hold a dear place in my heart, and this was no exception.

Congrats, Gene & Sarah!! I am so excited for July!!!

Copyright, Alysha Ann Photography CO 2018


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