A Surprise Crabapple Blossom Find and a Beautiful Couple: Brandon & Karen’s Colorado Spring Engagement Session

Happy May! I think we’re officially ready to head into summer, and this Colorado girl is READY! I have to say, the night that Brandon, Karen, and I got to hang out and make these images was pretty summer in feel. However, we had the lovely surprise of the last of the Colorado Crabapple blossoms at our location of Davidson Mesa and Harper Lake in Louisville. I didn’t know there were trees there until arriving, and boy did that bring me joy!

Brandon & Karen are an absolute blast. At risk of sounding cheesy, the line that goes through my head when I think of them is “You had me at Braren.” You see, while dating our friends used to call Steven and I by our “celebrity” couple name, stalysha. I don’t even remember how it got started, but once started it went forever. When Karen and I originally started emailing, she sent over their wedding website page. When I read through it, Brandon talked about how he knows they’ll always be together and merging their names that way. He literally put down, Braren as an option…and that’s when I knew. I was going to like these two a whooooooole lot. And the rest is history!

These two have been together for many years, and met through work originally. Karen was moving on to another company, and Brandon told her they needed to go out and celebrate. There’s some debate on if that was their first date, or the following date. šŸ˜‰ I’m not picking sides.

Brandon & Karen, I am SO glad I get to be a part of your incredible day in August!! Here’s to you two!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Meet Brandon & Karen


And the beautiful blooms we found!


Harper lake is an awesome place to walk and enjoy.


The way couples look at each other will always be a favorite of mine.


We went from serious kiss…
too goofing off in .00 seconds. BOOM!
They brought props!!!! (This made my day)


Karen’s ring was custom designed by Brandon.


There was a request for an Air five, which I am very happy to fulfill.


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