Crab Apple Blossoms and a Beautiful Mother and Daughter…Hello Spring in Colorado!

Wedding season officially starts next week for me over here at AAP. I took a Maternity leave from weddings specifically that went all the way up to June as wedding days are so many hours away from a newborn. Well let me tell you, my little guy Samuel is not a newborn anymore at 11 weeks and I’m guessing close to 14 pounds! Over my leave though, I did still have some sessions lined up, including Aly and Jordyn’s Mother-Daughter Session. Having the chance to pop into the “office” of shooting was a breath of fresh air and a delight to my photographer heart. Colorado spring photography doesn’t get any better than in the crab apple blooms…and that’s just where Aly, Jordyn, and I were!

Aly is one of my 2018 AAP brides. We originally met almost a full year ago as she started the planning process, wow! I remember walking away from meeting her and mentally thinking, ” I really like her.” She and her fiancé Derek have a great deal of depth in their story, and I’m sooooooo excited to be a part of their day in July. Due to external circumstances, Derek wasn’t able to make our session so we went full force into a mother daughter session with Aly and her sweet, sweet girl Jordyn. There’s something special about doing the mother daughter relationship in the spring flowers and this was no exception. Jordyn is just the most darling little gal you’ve ever met, and Aly is a present mama to her. I could have kept photographing them and the loving peace they have together all day!! Aly & Jordyn, thanks for taking a night to traipse all over Ruby Hill Park with me!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Meet Aly & Jordyn!
The words Absolutely Lovely come to mind when I think of them.


They’re also a lot of fun!


Sweet Jordyn!


This is an all time favorite…


Aly’s engagement ring.


Aly’s outfit choices rocked, and even matched the trees in color.
Another favorite…


We had to do some silly flower shots too….


They way people look at those they love is part of the reason I love my job.
Like Mother, like Daughter!


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