What does the TV Show The Office and Rocky Mountain National Park have in Common? These Two! Jake & Laurie’s fantastic and fun engagement session

Jake and Laurie will rock your world. I mean it. And rock your socks off, too. Laurie contacted me through a mutual friend and photographer that was unable to photograph them due to some medical complications with her pregnancy. I love the amazing network of friend-tographers in the Northern Colorado Photography scene, and this was a great example of the community over competition it embraces. Well, Laurie and Jake are  gems, and I couldn’t be more happy that I got to photograph them!!

When we met up for their Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement session, I knew pretty much immediately that I was going to love them when they shared their deep, deep appreciation of the TV show The Office. Show me a person who can keep a straight face through the sumo episode and I will show you a flying pig. Well, the entire evening that the 3 of us got to traipse around the park was filled with laughter, sarcasm, and overall awesomeness.

The most beautiful part of the whole session, however, was watching the way these two interact. Jake is a pastor in Montana, and Laurie works for a non-profit here in Colorado. The care, comfortability, and spark that they have is…special. They make one another laugh, and they make one another cry (happy tears). As a wedding photographer, I’m always seeking to provide an environment for a couple to interact in a way that is true to who they are. I asked Jake to share 3 things that he fell in love with in Laurie at the end of our session. While I couldn’t hear what he said (and I’m glad!), as these two walked while he talked, tears started to stream on Laurie’s face. Jake wasn’t far behind. Photographing the hug that followed was hands down a moment that I felt honored to behold. It’ll be in my important moments as a photographer book for forever.

I think that as you see their images, you’ll begin to love these two just like I did. Jake & Laurie…CONGRATS!!!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Hands down, one of my favorite images!
Meet Jake & Lauri!


They laugh so much, which is beautiful!


I love the natural cuddle of this series, and the golden light to enhance it.
Who doesn’t want an epic mountain in the background of a real kiss?!


Jake had Lauri pick him up while he popped his foot and I about died laughing.


They ran up a hill together, and I loved how real the expressions were!
Muck boots are a real needed thing in Montana, and Lauri’s were her Valentines gift! ❤


The real action of these two…I’m telling you! The frame of the bridge sets them so well.


When in doubt, sing “L is for the way you look tonight…!!!”
And then the special moment began…
And the tears were beautiful.

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