Music to the Ears: Jonah & Amber’s Fantastic Downtown Longmont & Mountain Engagement!

First of all, you have to know Jonah & Amber are Musical in life! They met while in high school band, and kept the love of Rythym together into college where they both majored in Music Education at Colorado State University. When they shared that with me, I immediately had memories of the CSU music building flood my mind as Steven’s best man, who was also a good friend of mine since early high school, was a music ed major there as well. As a result, Steven and I spent some time in that awesome, old building!

Jonah & Amber are a perfect fit, and have that deep feeling of a couple who knows each other very, very well. Seeing their ease with one another was something that stuck out every time I’ve been with them. They are planning a garden and green wedding at a favorite venue, the Tapestry House, this summer, and can I just say it’s going to be a blast! Photographing this beautiful and fun couple as they come together in marriage is what I’m most excited for. It will be a very, very special day.

I have to say that these two also get hardcore points like no one’s business!! They climbed the side of a mountain covered in snow with me to chase some light in the last winter storm we received in February. Poor Jonah may have had to haul this 38 week pregnant lady off her butt in the snow, and Amber herself got a good dose of powder more than once as well. I’m pretty sure we bonded there in the cold! 😉 The variety of their session makes me smile, enjoy this super fun colorado engagement in both Downtown Longmont, CO and in the mountains of Lyons, CO!

Meet Jonah & Amber!


Can you tell already that they’re fun?
This little downtown longmont church has caught my eye for months, so when Amber mentioned it I was like, “YES!”


Can you see the ease they have together?


Ziggi’s Coffee shop downtown Longmont is a favorite…


And this is the snow…


I love how they can go from serious…
To not serious!


They brought this sweet sign with their date on it!
And flowers…because the world is better with flowers.


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