Pointe Shoes, the Rocky Mountains, and a Couple Deeply in Love. It doesn’t get better than that.

While it’s easy to know that I’m a Colorado Mountain Photographer heart…but I’m also a dancer at heart. So when Mary told me that she’d love to bring her pointe shoes along for  her and Daniel’s engagement session I may have squeaked in excitement! But more about this awesome couple…

Daniel & Mary have a beautiful love story. I loved getting to hear the side by side play of it when we sat down in late fall, and through the telling you could see so much of their hearts. They met through a campus ministry they were both participating in and through a process…fell in love. These two also remind me very much of my story with my own wonderful Hubby! So the fact that there are connections to both Daniel & Mary that we discovered made it all the more fun. Mary’s Dad and my dad have worked together for easily over a decade, probably more. Their last name isn’t super common, and so when I saw the name come in over email I had to check. Additionally, Daniel’s sister and I knew each other from middle school and high school dance! Come to find out, my hubster Steven ALSO knows his family, as we grew up in the same town that is now much more of a city, Loveland. To say that I am ecstatic to be a part of their wedding day is an understatement. I’ve got all the feels already for these two!

Daniel & Mary are also major troopers because they were willing to brave the winter chill of Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain Park over a very, very cold week. End of December I had a number of sessions scheduled up there, and the chances of winter were reality in measure of temps. They rocked it with smiles, and we had an absolute blast.

Daniel & Mary, I am so happy for you two in this special season…Congrats!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0888 copy
Meet Daniel & Mary!

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0820 copy

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0456 copy
We did a few dancing type photos, Ballet and otherwise!
Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0487-3 copy
Part of their story is going dancing together.
Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0937 copy
And of course, then there’s the Ballet end.

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0982 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0387 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0395 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0319 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0167 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0293 copy

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0604 copy
Mary’s favorite flower is the carnation, and I LOVED that they brought some!

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0646 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0627 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0576 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0595 copy

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0230-2 copy
Laughter makes life good.

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0335 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0068 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0405 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0419 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-0428 copy

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-1040-2 copy
I just loved the Downtown Estes shots in Black and white…so that’s what you’re seeing here.

Daniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-1028-2 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-1125-2 copyDaniel&Mary2018AlyshaAnnPhotography-1068-2 copy

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