The Sweetest of Love: Corey & Kaitlyn’s Sunlight Sparkled & Twinkly Light Kissed Engagement

I am feeling the happiest of happy sighs as I finalize images for this incredible couple! Corey & Kaitlyn the type of couple that fits together like a hand in a glove and it’ll bring JOY to your heart! Kaitlyn’s wonderful BFF, Jacqui, brought us together when I had the absolute pleasure of photographing her wedding this last summer. There’s even a quick shot of Kaitlyn and Corey in Jacqui’s wedding gallery as they were sitting outside together for a moment and we passed by them while taking bride and groom portraits. None of us knew (other than Corey) that soon Kaitlyn would soon be getting a proposal from her man. She shot me an email and we were rolling!

Corey is a College football coach, and Kaitlyn own a super awesome boutique in both the Flatirons mall and Cherry Creek called “Southern Roots”. One of the things that is fun about these two is their own southern charm. Even though they both come from here, there’s a love for the south in both. The nature of Corey’s job is that of fairly regular transition working with different teams. Their first spot is currently set to be in Missouri…and I’m already jealous of all the Barbecue they’re going to have access to down there. This Colorado wedding photographer is all about southern!

Corey & Kaitlyn, I cannot tell you how excited I am for your big day all ready. Congrats!!!

Copyright Alysha Ann Photography CO, 2018

Meet Corey & Kaitlyn.
Yep, they steal your heart right away!


And this sweet girl is June bug, their great dane.


Dogs always make engagement sessions better.


We had some pretty epic light moments.


And fun moments.


The comfort level between these two is at the awesome level.


And twinkly lights on the bridge. *Happy Sigh*



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