Celebration of the Greatest Kind: Garrett & Kelsi’s Incredible StoneWall Farm Wedding is making a debut, and you won’t want to miss the gnome…yes, the gnome!

Garrett & Kelsi are wonderful. I knew as we stepped into their wedding day, that it would be an incredible day, and it truly was. Their day was SO clearly an example of full, deep, down-into-your-toes real CELEBRATION. The type that is rare. I wish you could have been a part of it, just to feel in your bones the joy of their July 8th wedding at Stonewall Farm in Berthoud, Colorado. As I was editing their photos though, I found myself experiencing the feeling of doing it all again. Being there. Watching Kelsi radiate excitement. Watching their wonderful bridal party be fully present with them. Watching Garrett’s face as Kelsi walked down the aisle. This is a day I would love to do again and again. My prayer is that these images will bring it all back for Kelsi & Garrett throughout the rest of their lives.

Garrett & Kelsi are college sweethearts. They met at Colorado State University, and have the love of years under their belts already. They love God. They love each other. They love the people in their lives. AND, they love kids! As you look through their images, I really believe you’ll fall in love with them, too. Watch for the subtle tears, huge smiles, pyrotechnics, and…the gnome.

Garrett & Kelsi, may you have every blessing from heaven on your marriage for all your days…Congrats!!!

A HUGE shout out to my wonderful 2nd photographer, Rhema. You’ll see a few of her images in this blog.


Check out all these beautiful ladies!


Kelsi has some serious taste, just saying.


Lace from Kelsi’s Mom and Grandmother’s wedding dresses.


Mother and daughter.
Kelsi’s little friend.


Garrett helped this little man get ready, so cute!


Oh man. This was a favorite from the day.
Mother and Daughter.
1st look, for the books!


Rhema walked into the groomsmen goofing off, and I about died when I found this image during editing.


Prayer before the ceremony.


And this, is the the gnome.
A family member of Kelsi’s came up to me during the reception and said, can you get a picture of Kelsi dancing with the gnome? It’s a family thing. Now, I still to this day don’t know what family thing it is (maybe a family member will comment on the blog?), but it sure made for an epic dance scene at the reception. Gnome on!
Kelsi and I share a love of Market lights…


Before the exit, they got hoisted onto chairs.
And then bridesmaids ran to get the fire started.
And it was a perfect ending to a perfect day!!! ❤


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