On Top of the World: Kyle & Bethany’s Echo Lake Engagement Session

Kyle and Bethany are my type of people. When we’d emailed about their engagement session location originally, I’d sent a few ideas their way based off of the questionnaire I have all my couples fill out. At the very end, as an add on, I thought-what the heck-why not add Echo Lake? Echo lake is pretty much the epitome of mountain. It is at the base of Mt. Evans, the ONLY 14er in Colorado that you can drive to the top of. If you haven’t yet, you should, and then you can tell people you’ve done a 14er, even if you didn’t hike it. That said, the lake at the base of the mountain is beautiful and not for the faint of heart. Well, these two picked one of the main locations I’d listed originally…and then I got this email saying, “Actually, could we do Echo Lake?” These two made the 2 hour drive to capture the beauty of their relationship in an engagement session in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Like I said, my type of people!

Kyle & Bethany have that great thing going on-there’s some sass, some fun, and a whole lot of love. They’ve been together since high school, and when we talked about their history since they’ve been together for so many years, they said that whenever they’d break up, they’d miss talking to each other too much to stay apart! Not only is that sweet, but important. Friendship is a foundation that will stay in marriage, and theirs is solid. October 7th is going to be a fantastic day as they become one, I can’t wait! Congrats, Kyle and Bethany, thanks for driving to the top of the world with me!! ❤

Meet Kyle & Bethany!
They are so lovely…


This wall just needed to be sat on.


They have a few tradition poses, and this is one of them!


The area was so GREEN when we were there in mid July. Colorado might be a lot desert, but it’s a lot more than that too.


When I said just go for a big kiss, they did, and it was perfect!
Then we got some beautiful & romantic Colorado light.
And they made it special.


We got to the lake itself at the perfect timing. The last of the light was reflecting with a beautiful golden sheen on the lake. It was so peaceful.


Kyle & Bethany, you two are a blast!!

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