Corwina Park Mountain Beauty and Cherry Creek Class: Daniel & Ara’s engagement will stop you in your tracks!

Daniel & Ara are very, very special.  They love God, one another, and others in a real & deep way. I am so excited, and honored, to capture their wedding this August!!!! We had a mountain adventure at Corwina Park in Evergreen, CO and a stunning nighttime rendezvous in Cherry Creek to capture nighttime portraits.  Talk about a blast! A little more of their story, cause it’ll make you smile…

They met through a church community group. After watching her and getting to know her a little, Daniel had intended to ask Ara on a date on a short car ride to an event. Seems pretty easy to do right? Unless other people barge in on your chance! Which is exactly what happened when someone else asked to ride with them. Daniel had about .2 seconds to actually get his request out and thankfully Ara said yes. They live on opposite sides of Denver, CO and so the date was set for this awesome little coffee shop in Cherry Creek to be halfway between them. Daniel was nervous but ready…he thought. He got to the coffee shop ahead of Ara and realized he still had his slippers on! When facing a beautiful woman, be comfortable. Just saying. 😉 He proposed in this same coffee shop, Avianos, one of our photography locations for the session.

Ara is a childhood friend of mine, and over the college years we lost contact. When she made contact about her wedding photography, my heart was jumping up and down. Every memory I have with Ara is a sweet one. To see her with that man she loves brings joy. Daniel is just as wonderful as she is, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them both.

Daniel & Ara, love you guys!

Meet Daniel & Ara.


Daniel has such a great smile.


This moment.
Preceded this one! 😉
Enter, Cherry Creek Downton.
We stopped first at the Coffee Shop they had their first date at, AND that Daniel proposed at. Avianos Coffee in Cherry Creek!


Sigh. Nighttime engagement photos. With these two. Sigh again. ❤


I love the joy!


By this time, we were laughing it up. Which = fun photos.


This girl can foot pop like nobody’s business.



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