A Beautiful International Love Story with 2 wonderful people has landed in the Colorado Mountains: Scott & Elina

It’s a big deal when you can say you’ve been in a successful relationship, right? It’s also a big deal to say you’ve been in a successful international relationship. Scott & Elina can say BOTH! Here’s a little bit of their beautiful story…

Elina is from Mexico and came to new york to work at a summer camp there. One day after arriving she decided to walk into the nearby small town to get a phone card to call her mother and let her know she was safe. The walk was a beautiful dirt path through a tunnel of huge, green trees-something from a fairy tale. I saw the picture. On her walk, Scott was also on the road. He introduced himself and offered to walk with her. (Does this feel like a dream yet?) They became an item shortly after. They both went home at the end of the summer, and would occasionally wonder about each other. A couple years later, thanks to social media, they reconnected. The draw to each other was still there, and they officially embarked on a long distance, international relationship which included visits back and forth from Colorado and Mexico.

When the time was right, Scott was heading out for a Mexico trip and planning to propose. His grandmother, who adores Elina, called a couple days before he left, not knowing his plans. She wanted to let him know that she wanted to give the diamonds from her ring to Elina. And through friends and connections the GORGEOUS ring you’ll see was made and on its way with Scott to Mexico. Now, these two will be married this fall and what a celebration of love it will be!

When I met these two, I was so struck by their tenderness with each other. They are also kind AND spicy! They way they are comfortable with each other shows the intentionality they’ve put into their beautiful relationship. Scott & Elina, I am 110% rooting for you two as you start your marriage. You both are absolutely wonderful!!!


Meet Scott & Elina, this gorgeous couple!
We met up at Rocky Mountain National Park.


The warm spring has melted much of the snow, but we still had a few snowy peaks!
Okay, I can’t lie, this one took my breath away with how beautiful it/they are.
And then there was this light. It showed up to showcase these two!
We needed to get some big views for the day. I think this counts.


And here’s that ring I told you about!
Can you see the ease between them? I feel like you can tell they KNOW each other.


She said yes!
I love her laughing smile!


Those smiles.
Always pick your woman up.
And enjoy to fun of it.


This area worked well for open skies.


Laughing together is a good sign. 😉
Always remember to play a little.


Scott & Elina, Congrats on this new journey of marriage together!

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