Spring & Winter at the same time in Rocky Mountain National Park equals BEAUTY with these two. Garrett & Kelsi’s deep love warms up the mountain peaks!

Garrett & Kelsi are one of my beloved 2017 wedding couples, and they are incredible people! It’s been SO fun to get to know them. In fact, Garret and I share some mutual friends…which is pretty crazy considering he’s from Los Alamos, NM! Steven, my hubby, has a close friend who went to high school there and Garrett knew his younger sister fairly well. Pretty funny to meet someone for the first time from another state and find out you have mutual circles…which is what happened at their bridal consult!

These two are deep. It’s the word that comes to me every time I think of them. Their story is a fun one, and includes their college years, but even more there is a strong love between them. There’s a lot in both of these wonderful people-from spunk to smart to kindness and sincerity. God has something very special in store for these two, and I am absolutely honored that I get to photograph the day they are joined in marriage. Garrett & Kelsi, I smile every time I look at July 8th on the calendar!

Meet Garrett & Kelsi. They are just awesome!
And know how to play with each other! The playfulness that is between a couple says so much.
If you couldn’t tell already, they are GORGEOUS.
July 8th, we’re coming for you!
Even with the crazy wind, we still got stunning images!
The particular location we were at was very windy-as can happen when shooting in the mountain. But, it made for some funny moments! It’s a little hard to stare deeply into someones eyes when you can’t see for hair flying everywhere.
But, I really loved watching them laugh-from the wind or whatever.


This is one of my favorites!
Garrett so sweetly was fixing Kelsi’s hair. I
And then this funny moment popped up!


Hello, gorgeous ring!
A fun crop rendition, I really liked this!
Her smile…just stops me. It is so full, of joy.


I posted this in their snap peak because the way Garrett looks at Kelsi is…perfect.


We caught the last of our light on the way down the mountain for a few extra shots.
This final image I have to include…it wouldn’t be a blog post without at least 1 black and white, right?!

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