Looking for a Romantic Engagement Session? Breckenridge is the place. Kevin & Stephanie’s love is as bright as the mountain sun there!

Stephanie and I are BFFs. We hadn’t met before she and Kevin started wedding planning and photography brought us together, but we knew as soon as we met. We are BFFs. I am so excited to share Kevin & Stephanie’s Colorado Mountain Engagement session in Breckenridge for SO many reasons, but the top is because they are such a wonderful couple. These two make you feel cared about from the moment you meet them! Their story is a fun one too. They met for the first time while in College at UNC. There was a brief FB interaction, but nothing after that point. AFTER college though, Stephanie was taking a quick flight from Denver to her home town of Grand Junction. Imagine her surprise to see Kevin, who was not studying to be a pilot when she knew him in college, as the pilot. 😉 Their first date happened after that fateful flight, and now we know they are meant to be. The first part of their engagement session was done in Breckenridge at Sapphire point an a another special spot I have. We’ll also be doing a secondary part to their engagement session to showcase how Kevin proposed, and I’ll just say it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time…Eeeeeeek! For now, check out how loving these two are and I dare you not to smile!


Meet Kevin & Steph!
They are so in love.
They way they look at each other is full of Joy.


We laughed the entire way through the evening, and Kevin knows the perfect thing to make Steph laugh at any moment.


We did a lot of walking, and the phrase “I’ll walk with you for forever” kept running through my mind while I worked their images. Steph emailed me after their sneak peek to share that the phrase her mother taught her about relationships is “Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk behind me I may not lead, just walk beside me and be my friend.” It all made sense. Perfectly.


This image is special, it’s an HDR image. It’d be hard to explain here, but let’s suffice to say the detail here is in over drive. A few of their images lent themselves to this, and here is one I loved. It’s a “for fun” image, and stands alone in style from the others.


Sapphire point in Breckenridge is one of the most stunning views you can pick. The path is no exception.


I had to include the black and white of this one…so pretty!


Another HDR Image.
Sun flare never gets old to me.
 “Wifey” things are just the best.


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