Fresh Fall at Historic Clear Creek Park: Casey, Carlee, and their hilarious pooch

Fall is far behind us, but Casey and Carlee’s sweet session has been on my mind to get up on the blog! When Carlee and I started to chat via email I immediately thought she sounded like such a kind person. A close fellow photographer, Natalie of Tallie Johnson Photography, was on maternity leave and Carlee & Casey were hoping to get the fall colors in their photos. Natalie hooked us up, and I am so glad. I loved photographing these two! Historic Clear Creek Park is located in Golden, and a spot that Denver wedding photographers LOVE for it’s mountain river and proximity to the city. They made the drive up and brought their awesome Pooch along for the ride. Photographing animals is a favorite as I’ve got fur love in my heart, and this proved to be no exception. I think you’ll love seeing this beautiful couple, I sure do!


The mountain river…oh it makes me miss fall!
And, here is the Fur baby I wanted to bring home. 😉


They were totally laughing to each other for this, which always make me smile when couple’s do. At the end of the day, we’re there because of their relationship and having it stand on its own is the best!
Have you ever had your dog interrupt a kiss? I have.


They are so beautiful!


A little tickling never hurt, right?


This spot. Sigh.


It was their idea for this one. I was like “Yes!”


The park path also weaves into downtown Golden, which gives some great variety. Like this brick wall!


Her ring is so classy!


Congrats you two, you have a great future ahead together!!

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