Family Session at home? This one has an Heirloom garden to make it incredible.

Tiho & Jaycee Georgiev are awesome. We met through mutual friends, and when they asked me to do a family session to commemorate the home that they’ve lived in and loved for many years I felt so honored!  I knew their Garden (notice my use of capitals here, I assure you it deserves it) was big, but I had no idea on how beautiful it was. The tomato plants are taller than your head by a good foot, and I think every type of pepper known to man is growing there. And, there’s the Grape Arbor. Um, I’ll just let you look at the pictures on that one cause it’s incredible. All this to say it’s beautiful, but as is always true the people surrounding the place are what truly makes it great or not. This family is wonderful, and I think you’ll agree. Take a look and see!

These, are the Georgievs! I love their snuggle faces!
And that they can be happy and still together.


Jaycee’s Grape Arbor is just incredible. I was immediately inspired to have one someday as hers is such a beautiful place to be. And, I think she’s pretty beautiful too!
The kitty is normally very shy, so when she came out for some one on one time it was special, so Jaycee could have some photos with her.
Macedonian Pepper. Not for the faint of heart.


Sprinkles the Guinea Pig. I have a soft spot for Guineas.
Not many kids can say they have a pumpkin patch in their own front yard. So cool!


A favorite.


The harvesting for the photographer…I immediately ate tomatoes and cucumber when I got home this night.


Mama love.


Tiho & Jaycee…

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