A Word on Why I Switched Blog Platforms.

This post is to give a little insight to any newcomers to the blog…or any returning visitors finding themselves here instead of the old blog.When I launched AAP at the end of 2015, I truly felt God’s blessing on it. I had more work than I anticipated and it left me scrambling a little to get the necessities up and running on the business side of things. I love excellence. Feeling the pressure of needing to provide insights to my work through a blog but not feeling like I fully knew how to handle that end was hard for me. I felt a little like I wasn’t showing my clients what I really can offer. Thank goodness for learning curve grace!

Now, almost a year into AAP, I’ve found that WordPress can really offer what I’m looking for in a blog platform. Of course, I’m making the transition in the middle of wedding season and all the editing that entails (I take the easy route, what can I say ;), so I’m still sweating the transition a little. But, the transition is worth it. Honestly, I finally hit “Do It” because I simply couldn’t stand to post another blog on the cumbersome and blah visual of the old platform. And I have an awesome family session and the first wedding of the season from June to post-so I just had to!

With this transition in mind, I have to make a note that I have not switched all blog posts from the old blog over. Instead, I picked some of my favorites from the year. So….know that the very first posts here are an abridged version that I wanted to keep available and they are not perfectly in order.

Thanks for sticking with me in this great change. I’d love to hear feedback on what you think about this new ‘do for AAP! See you on the next post. 😉

~Alysha Ann

PS. Because every post needs at least  a few photos, here are some from the incredible anniversary get away Steven planned for us! I had no idea he’d been stashing money for months to take me overnight to the venue we got married at for an overnight. Talk about special! They treat you like royalty at the Della Terra, and you are at the gate of Rocky Mountain National Park. But even more sweet was being in the place we said our vows, and stayed our first night. He’s a keeper, just saying!

Yep, this is the back of the building, and that massive rock mountain is McGregor.
An addition since our wedding, where the bride goes before she walks down the aisle.
Enjoying my coffee…
While looking out at this! The photo truly doesn’t do it justice, sorry.
A piece of the gorgeous illumination suite we were in.
& Hers. An accomplishment with dairy & gluten free!


Morning eyes, can you tell?
Love this man.
Steven was messing and liked this. I think I gained weight on this trip, yikes!


Happy Anniversary, My Love!

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