Wild Basin Lodge, Wine, and Love with Nathaniel & Marie

Whew, the month of June was a running breath. I can’t believe we’re in July already! At the very start  of June, I got the opportunity to head up to one of my favorite places in the world (Estes) and photograph an incredibly special couple I’m already coming to treasure. Steven (my hubby) also came along to 2nd with me for some practice, to make that night pretty much as bomb diggity as could be!

Nathaniel and Marie are getting married in November, and I’m so excited to photograph their special day. Marie works with my dad-who thankfully likes his daughter enough to refer her. Marie and I started talking wedding, and I knew right away I liked her.  The more I’ve gotten to work with these 2 the more I’ve gotten to see the fun of their relationship and what incredibly warm hearted people they are.  Kindness goes a LONG way in my book and I see it in them. They will compliment each other as spouses for the rest of their lives.  They brought up a yummy bottle of wine for their session, which happened to be on their 9 month anniversary, and even had glasses for Steven and I to join in and toast with them! It was a great session, even with the big thunderstorm that forced us under the awesome deck at Wild Basin Lodge, one of the BEST wedding venues in the Estes area. Their staff is simply wonderful, and if you’re planning a wedding, rehearsal, or any event you should check them out here:Wild Basin Lodge


Kisses for EVERYone!


Their “fur child” Zeus came along for the ride and Boy, can he work it!


And Deep kisses for love.


This is absolutely, hands down, one of my favorite images. It carries so many emotions!

Nathaniel and I share a love of silhouettes…and that means when the opportunity arose…


Up on the 2nd level deck (yes, there are TWO) there was a nook. And it turned into one of my favorite spots!


These two laugh together, a LOT! You have to laugh together to stay married. Speaking from experience!


These may be my absolute favorites.


Marie’s Grandmother hand made this quilt. Props are such a meaningful addition!


Again, PROPS! They love to do wine together, and it photographed beautifully!


The ring Nathaniel is wearing was a gift from Marie.


This lovely deck shot came from Steven.


This is my take for the day on a high key portrait, a over exposure method that produced really bright images with dark lines popping out. The correct type of strong backlight needs to be present for it to be done correctly, and this was a good spot.


 Shot by my talented hubby…He captured her face and I love it.


The sunset hit for a total of 5 minutes. We’d already packed up. But it was too wonderful to pass up. We ran to the bridge to quickly grab this!


Congrats, Nathaniel & Marie! We love you already!


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