The Fantastic Four

I’ve known this beautiful group of people a long time. As in, I’ve known David over a decade and jess probably only a little shy of that. So, when it came time for their little family of 3 (David, Jess, & Noah) to go to 4 (+Eli), it was a must to photograph the event! Jess is also a photographer, and blessed our family SO much by taking photos of us with Hannah when she arrived. The early weeks of childbirth are so…full. Having photos in the midst of that truly helps nab a second in time to clearly remember the beautiful transitions and life taking place. That’s my un-ashamed plug to take newborn photos. I don’t care who does them for people, just get them done!!! This session was a nightmare to cull, because I wanted to keep  every shot and every smile. Alas, almost 800 images do not cart around easily. Here is a very small sample of what we captured that day.

With MUCH love in my heart for these people, I give you the Fantastic Dimmen Four!


I’ve taken photos of David’s hands for various reasons many times… This segment was pure joy as well as throwback.


I don’t think they could be more beautiful….


This is Noah. Delightful and lovable little man.


Can you say, slice of life?


Whelp, I’ve got no words…


Already a gentleman.


Watching Jess as a mama is incredible. She is firm yet gentle at the same time. And very loving.


People get tattoos for a reason. I try to incorporate them when I can, because of that. The relationship here of an old life for a new is all thanks to Jesus, and where the tattoo comes from.


There you have it, this stunning family of four!

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